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How to Assign Views to a Youtube Video?
To Assign Account Views to a youtube video, click The Arrow, the one on the same line as Account Credits. This will open up a page with your websites, and a box to enter # of credits you want to assign to each video.

How does it work?

  1. Getting started is simple. Here is a short guide for the those new to traffic exchanges.
  2. Signup for a FREE account.
  3. Activate your account by following the instructions in the activation email and receive 50 bonus credits
  4. Login and add your youtube video links.
  5. Add credits to your site.
  6. Download the Vagex Viewer to earn more credits
  7. One credit equals to one view for your video.
  8. Dont want to surf? We have very competetive rates on credits purcase.
Click here for a tutorial video

How to Contact Us?
Use the contact form in your members area or send an email to

Can i have Multiple Accounts?
No. Please only one account per household(IP). We can detect cheaters and their account will be deleted without any notice!

If I delete a site will the credits go back into my account?

How do I get Paid to View videos?
We will buy back credits at $1/exchangerate credits. You need a minimum of $10 to withdraw. All withdrawals will be processed manually. To request a withdrawal please send a request through our withdrawal form. *Price may change without any notice, and you will be ask to confirm Amount for Credits and Payment Processor ID. **Payment should be process within 7 days, but could be delayed longer in event of insufficient funds. *** This Service can be interrupted at anytime, without Notice. ****Payouts will only be to verified PayPal accounts, this is to prevent against fraud.

Can I get a refund?
Yes you can get a partial refund depending on how many credits you have left. Refunds must be requested within 14 days of purchase.

How can I disable sound playing from the YouTube videos?
A little trick is to drag the volume slider on the YouTube video all the way down, as opposed to pressing the mute button. This will effectively silence all YouTube videos. Or if you have Windows 7 you can click on the speaker icon, click Mixer, then drag the volume down for the Vagex application.

How else do you promote my video?
We not only expose your video to thousands of members, but increase the number of Likes and Subscribers to your videos.

Why should I Auto-Like, Auto-Sub and Auto-Fav videos?
You will earn 1 extra credit per view for each action.

Does the Vagex Viewer work on Macs?
Please use the FireFox viewer.

Why doesnt the Vagex viewer software work on my Windows computer?
Make sure you have the latest version of the Microsoft NET Framework.

How can I make my video even more popular?
If you really want to increase the popularity of your videos, you must optimise them for particular keywords. Example: If you want everyone to see your call of duty head shot video , then you should optimise your video for the specific keyword, so that when people search for it in youtube or Google , your video will be at the top of the results. The first step to optimising your video is to put the keyword (call of duty head shot) in the title, description and tags. Then add the video to vagex, with the keyword (call of duty head shot), and we will take care of the rest.

I just added my video, why isn't it receiving views?
You need to wait for your URL to be added to the next rotation list. This will take less than an hour. But it may take up to 1 day before you start receiving consistent views. This is because people are already viewing a set list of videos, and will only start viewing yours when they close and reopen the viewer.

Can I run multiple version of the viewer?
Only if they are running on different computers with different household ip addresses. WARNING: You will not earn ANY credits if you run the viewer on more than one computer with the same ip address.

What is the point of increasing my YouTube Views?
Views do several things for your videos (but they should always be accompanied by likes and subscribes). They basically tell youtube that in all aspects of people using their site, a higher fraction of people are watching your videos and this demonstrates quality content which they will use to increase the quality of their service. You should see the following when you get more views:

  • Increase the rankings of your videos for the youtube and google search results.
  • Get your video shown more often on related videos lists for particular categories. (eg, if your include tags about classical guitar, then your video will get shown more on related videos when people are watching say eric clapton).
  • In the search results people tend to choose videos with higher views
With our system we provide a consistent flow of views to all of your videos, which helps to provide a steady increase in organic traffic over time.

How do I get paid when I withdraw credits?
Paypal. We pay to verified PayPal accounts only.

My account says I have received x Likes and x Subs but on Youtube it is different, why?
We have found that likes and subs are a lot like views and do not update straight away. Please be patient and check back tomorrow. Further please note that we do not guarantee that every view/like/sub we provide will show up on youtube.

Can I view using proxies?
No. If you do, all your credits will be forfeited and your account deleted.

How can I cancel a subscription?
If you want to cancel your subscription just go to your PayPal account, click on profile, click on pre-approved payments, and then cancel your automatic payments to Vagex.

Why was my account deleted?
Possible reasons could be: 1. You were using proxies. 2. You were running multiple viewers with the same household ip address. 3. You were blatantly cheating or trying to hack our system. We store a cheat log and know when you earn credits too fast or if you are earning credits by viewing videos in impossible orders. If you gain too many entries in this log we will be forced to delete your account without notice.

Whenever i try to use the viewer it says I need to intall flash
Please make sure flash is enabled for internet explorer. Or install it by going here.

How can I delete my account?
Login then go here

How does the exchange rate work?
The exchange rate is calculated automatically every day using a simple algorithm. We sum the total number of credits in the system, and then calculate the ratio of credits that are allocated to Enabled videos to all other credits in the system. The more credits that are allocated on Enabled videos the better (lower) the ratio will be. However if more people are saving credits in their accounts, the ratio will increase (i.e. it will cost more credits per $1 to cashout). This dynamic exchange rate was introduced to increase the sustainability of the system.

What is the Loyalty Program?
The loyalty program is our way of thanking you for your continued use of vagex. The more videos you view the more loyalty stars you will earn. You can check your current stars here
There are a few benefits of having a greater number of stars. One is that each star you have will give you a 5% discount on the exchange rate. Another feature is if you are a free member you will receive an extra 2 video slots per star.

This machine is already registered to another user?
If when using the viewer you receive the error message [This machine is already registered to another user], then you can try resetting it. It usually happens when you enter the wrong userid for the first time when using the viewer. Please note that your machine ID is unique for your version of windows and no one else in the world will have it. All Machine IDs reset automatically once a month on the 1st.
Follow these instructions if you want to reset your Machine ID in our database:
Open up the viewer and up in the top left corner, click on FILE then click on COMPUTER INFO. You will find your Machine ID located there. Copy it and paste it into the form here: and then click GO. It usually takes a full 24 hours to reset.

I have a dynamic IP, meaning it will change soon, will that affect my account here?
Nope. IPs reset twice a day.

Why does my antivirus detect the viewer as a virus?
Some Antivirus software (Avira and now Avast) have flagged the Vagex Viewer as a virus. It is not a virus, so just add it to your safe list if you are using these antiviral softwares.

How can I increase the ratio of vagex views to youtube views?
To increase the ratio of vagex views to youtube views you can try increasing the view length. Also please be aware, the more video entries you have of the same video, the worse the ratio will be, but the greater the rate of views will come in. Our website is designed to build your views over time rather than all at once. So spending 200,000 credits on one video entry may produce about 40,000 over several months. But if you have 20 entries with 10,000 each, then you will use up all these credits in no time and have maybe only 15,000 youtube views in the end. Vagex is very much WYSIWYG, it is up to you to find a strategy that works.

After opening the windows Viewer I get an error message saying the RPC server is unavailable?
Please restart the viewer and be sure not to close the hidden IE browser or any iexplore.exe processes.

Can I transfer credits to someone elses account?
We do not do credit transfers between user accounts under any circumstances.

Why do I get an error saying my YouTube account is banned?
If you are Auto-Liking and Auto-Subscribing when using the viewer, then your YouTube activity feed should remain public so that we may verify your account performing these actions. If we cannot verify these actions your account may be suspended. You can make the actions public using this page: If your account is banned it simply means you cannot use it in the viewer whilst your activity feed is hidden. You can enable the activity feed and request that it be removed from the banned list.

Getting this error when I open the viewer -Error connecting to, please restart program in a couple of minutes.
A: 3 possible reasons: 1. Viewers are disabled for server maintenance, (will happen each day at 4PM AEST). It may also happen at other times, and if so, a message will be posted to the members area. 2. You have been opening the viewer too frequently in the last few minutes. 3. You have opened the viewer more than 15 times in a 12 hour period.

Getting this error when I first open the viewer -The external IE browser has been closed, Please restart viewer.
Make sure the file Interop.SHDocVw.dll is in the same folder as Vagex.exe Make sure your internet explorer is running properly and updated if possible to IE 9 or IE 8. Enable Auto Clear Cache Restart the viewer.

Keep getting this error -unable to detect video playing. Make sure Youtube is loading propertly.
This may happen once or twice when you first run the viewer. Please enable Auto Clear Cache. If it is persistently happening please click File > Exit With Log, on the viewer, and post your log on the forum.

Can I put adsense ads on my videos then put them in Vagex?
You must not add any videos containing Google AdSense Ads or any form of paid advertisement. We are not responsible for yours or anyone elses Google AdSense account or any affiliated account getting banned. The ONLY purpose of is to facilitate an increase in organic traffic to your YouTube video through techniques of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In no event shall or its suppliers be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption,) arising out of the use or inability to use the materials on vagex.comís Internet site, even if or a authorized representative has been notified orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage. Because some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages, these limitations may not apply to you.

Why dont you guarantee youtube views?
If 1 credit were to produce 1 guaranteed youtube view, it would require 3-4 views from the viewers. So we would have to reduce the amount of credits given to 0.25 per view. This makes things a lot more confusing. We would rather keep it simple, and instead of offering $4 for 1000 credits which gets you 1000 guaranteed views, we just offer $4 for 4000 credits which gets you above or around 1000 youtube views.

I keep getting an error in the Vagex Viewer saying The external browser has been closed, please restart viewer..?
Please open task manager, (Alt+Ctr+Delete) or (Ctr+Shift+Esc for Vista and W7), and click on the processes tab, and end any processes that have iexplore.exe and then restart the viewer.

How many videos can I view per day?
Each userID can view up to 2000 videos per day across viewers. And up to 2500 using the Firefox manual viewing feature.

Why was my account deleted?
You were found to be using multiple accounts, trying to exploit the system or breaking our terms.

How many entries of the same video can I add?
You may have up to 3 entries of a unique Youtube video URL.

What is the maximum views my video entry will receive per day?
You can select to receive 100, 200, 500 or 1000 views per day on your video.

How do I earn free credits with Twitter?
If you tweet your referral link each day with #vagex and it appears in the #vagex feed you will automatically receive 1000 bonus credits. And 3000 bonus credits if the tweet was at the end of the month. Only one Tweet will be verified per Twitter account per Vagex UserID per day.

Will YouTube ban my account if I use Vagex?
You do not need to be the owner of a YouTube video to add it to our rotation. YouTube cannot ban a YouTube account based on a video in our rotation. However, please note we are not affiliated with YouTube, and YouTube do not like these type of view exchange services. So if you are using our viewers with the auto-like and auto-subscribe feature (where you need to be logged in to YouTube for this to work) we recommend not to use your main YouTube account.

Can I run the Windows and Firefox Viewers on the same computer using the same IP address?

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